Bumbo - Booster Seat (Powder Blue) Bumbo

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The Bumbo Booster Seat enables toddlers to be seated on an adult chair. The seat is made of the same soft material as the Bumbo Floor Seat.

The Bumbo Booster seat is ergonomically designed to provide comfort, while the restraint belt and attachment straps helps to keep your child safely in place.
This handy seat is ideal for feeding, teaching and general interaction with your child.

  • Soft yet sturdy: the seat is soft enough to provide comfort but sturdy enough to elevate your toddler to sit more comfortably at the table
  • Won’t scratch furniture: the seat is soft all over therefore won’t scratch the surface of your furniture
  • Lightweight & portable: you can easily take the booster seat along to restaurants or when visiting family and friends
  • Easy to clean: use a damp cloth and mild detergent to clean the seat as necessary


  • always use the attachment straps to secure the Bumbo booster seat to an adult chair
  • a three-point harness is also provided to keep your toddler in place



Bumbo - Booster Seat (Powder Blue) Bumbo
Bumbo - Booster Seat (Powder Blue) Bumbo