Chime Bars - Set

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If your family and your baby Bubster love music, this toy is the perfect toy for you. Watch on as your child shows their delight as they produce their very own little masterpiece! Great for the budding musician – each chime bar is separate allowing you to introduce the notes gradually – concentrating on couple at a time. Since they aren’t attached to each other, interactive games can be played with this amazing instrument where they can be shared out amongst multiple players. This Xylophone has 8 quality aluminium metal bars and comes with two wooden drum stick that create beautiful crisp sounds when used to tap the instrument. Add this xylophone to your growing collection of beautiful toy musical instruments. Invite your friends and family over to share in the joy of creating music with your little one.


  • Hand – eye coordination
  • Memory Skills – as your child develops a sense for patterns and sequences
  • Social skills
  • Creativity
  • Listening skills
  • Musical literacy


  • Material: Natural pine wood body and drum sticks. Aluminium metal bars labelled from C through to C (one octave).
  • Size: 237mm (l) x 142mm (d) x 40mm (h) (inclusive of box)
  • Non-toxic. Eco-friendly.
  • Packaged in a box and beautiful canvas gift bag
  • Suitable for 3 YO +


  • Only to be used under adult supervision
  • This toy is NOT a teether and should NOT be bitten or be used for teething
  • Discard at the first signs of damage
Chime Bars -  Set
Chime Bars -  Set